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All Events can be customized, whether it's for a brand activation, presentation or even during a welcome drink, cocktail, dinner or many other occasions where you can enjoy an idyllic, glamorous, unique and immersive atmosphere. There are different levels of customization possible, from placing a logo, to photographs, text or creative content, but whichever option you choose, the guarantee is that it will be distinctive and memorable.

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Lusco Fusco

Room for TOP Management meetings, with 35m2 and direct access to the wonderful Pateo Fotossíntese.

The use of this room includes projections with or without wires on the 65" smart TV.

Room area: 35m2
Maximum capacity: 14 people

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Lumen Hall Poente

This 127m2 room is full of natural light and can be transformed for different types of events.
This room is part of the LUMEN Hall, which is divided into West (with natural light) and East (without natural light) sides.

The projection service in this room comes at an extra cost.

Room area: 127m2
Maximum capacity: 70 people

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Lumen Hall Nascente

With 110m2 and the functional versatility to hold a corporate event or a private meal.
It can be connected to the adjoining room, which is full of natural light.

Projection not included.

Room area: 110m2
Maximum capacity: 65 people

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Lumen Hall Poente e Nascente

A 237m2 room, full of natural light, in perfect symbiosis with the outdoor garden, a city paradise. A glamorous, sophisticated space with direct access to the stunning Páteo Fotossíntese, where the magnificent video-mapping show The Lisbon Light Show is shown daily.
The spaciousness and multifunctionality of the space, combined with modern, minimalist decor.
Ideal for events from 15 to 200 people.

Here, a conference or seminar lasting several days has another lightness, another tranquillity, another atmosphere.

Room area: 237m2
Maximum capacity: 200 people

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Aurora | Ocaso

Rooms of around 18m2, ideal for completing the offer as a breakout, for smaller meetings or even for small exhibitions, workshops, personalized training.

The Aurora and Ocaso rooms include the use of LCDs.

Room area: 18m2
Maximum capacity: 8 people

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A room of around 20m2, with no pre-defined layout, versatile, multipurpose, adaptable to needs and with a direct connection to the splendid Páteo Fotossíntese.

The SOL room does not include any use of audiovisual equipment.

Room area: 22.7m2
Maximum capacity: 15 people

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Páteo Fotossíntese

Idyllic, dazzling, glamorous, vibrant, immersive, thrilling, splendorous..."the Space".
Every day many people are mesmerized by this space, smiles, sparkles in the eyes, cameras, live streams, mouths open in's The Lisbon Light Show.

This city paradise is the perfect place for glamorous events such as a cocktail party, which can be accompanied by the various entertainment solutions we have available. Coffee breaks, open bars, lunches, dinners and many other services can be held here.

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